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Inmates in Pendleton Restore Courthouse Timepiece

Gary Kopperud, licensed master clockmaker and owner of Pioneer Timepiece Co. in Pendleton has taken on a project to restore the courthouse clock through his clockmaker's training program. The class which is part of the prison's workforce development effort is in fact one of the last of its kind in the United States. The clock is a Seth Thomas Model of which originally only 15 were produced in the early 1880 ...

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Bradley Timepiece – A Watch For Blind People

The world of watches continues to amaze, as Eone Timepieces released a watch for blind people. The watch is called "Bradley"  named after Brad Snyder, an American swimmer on the United States Paralympic team who competed at the 2012 Paralympics winning two Gold medals and one Silver. He lost eyesight from an IED explosion while serving the US Navy in Afghanistan.  The watch is powered by a Swiss quartz move ...

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