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Hamilton – The Movie Brand

The Hamilton Watch Company (1982) is a brand for automatic watches in the price segment 500 - 2000 $. Hamilton is perhaps best known for being visible with their watches in movies. The watches have appeared in Die Hard, Oceans Eleven, The Aviator, Men in Black, Independence Day and many more. They have put on a list on the Hamilton website with the movies in which their products were visible. MOVIE ACTOR WA ...

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Opinion – Top 5 Watches Baselworld 2014

Looking back at Baselworld 2014, we have decided to make a top 5 of what we think are the best looking watches. Patek Philippe always shines out and does so again. This great PP design (which is also available with dark blue dial) shows how to be very special without shouting it out loud. A great looking Maurice Lacroix watch. A beautiful dresswatch which is a perfect combination of classic & modern. Lo ...

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Pictures – For the Love of Cinema / IWC

Yesterday IWC held its private 'For the Love of Cinema" dinner in the Urban Zen loft overlooking Greenwich village. The guest list honoring IWC was full of stars including famous actors such as Robert De Niro and Patrick Stewart but also NBA player Carmelo Anthony and model Karolina Kurkova. Have a look at the pictures at the IWC FB page.   ...

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Inmates in Pendleton Restore Courthouse Timepiece

Gary Kopperud, licensed master clockmaker and owner of Pioneer Timepiece Co. in Pendleton has taken on a project to restore the courthouse clock through his clockmaker's training program. The class which is part of the prison's workforce development effort is in fact one of the last of its kind in the United States. The clock is a Seth Thomas Model of which originally only 15 were produced in the early 1880 ...

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Hublot & Depeche Mode – Episode 3

The third and final video of Hublot & Depeche Mode is now live on YouTube. It shows the power of the partnership between Hublot and Depeche Mode. By working together the project aimed to provide drinking water to people in underdeveloped countries. More than 30.000 people will now get clean water.   ...

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News of the Past: Hamilton was Asked to Develop a Watch for the Movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Hamilton was asked by producer Stanley Kubrick to develop a watch worn by astronauts of the future. Two design department staffers, Ed Speakes and Ken Derr, designed and built a wristwatch and a desk clock that were so realistic and eye-catching that they were photographed and publicized in both Vogue and Esquire magazines. First lets have a look at the concept watches which these designers worked on. There ...

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