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Rolex Appoints Jean-Frédéric Dufour as New CEO

  Things don't always seem to work out at Rolex. The watch company Rolex has appointed their 4th CEO in six years. The name of the new CEO is Jean-Frédéric Dufour, who currently helds position as CEO of the watchbrand Zenith. According to Gregory Pons (industry insider) Dufour - 45 years old - is appointed to make the brand "younger" and get the "dust of the brand". What can we imagine for Rolex? Jean- ...

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Nicole Faria Launches New Frederique Constant Collection

Frédérique Constant, which was founded by Peter and Aletta Stas in 1988, is a relative newcomer in the watch world. But make no mistake, many in-house calibers currently in production Frédérique Constant is as serious as any watch brand out there. The watches are in general accessibly priced. The beautiful Miss Earth 2010 Nicole Faria launches the new Frederique Constant collection. ...

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Chopard Opens New Boutique In Paris

Chopard has opened a new boutique in Printemps at the carroussel du Louvre in Paris. The Chopard boutique is 46 meters square and has a warm and intimate ambiance. The interior is made of light wood, white oak, luxurious leather, silk and velvet.   The latest watch released by Chopard can of course also be seen at this location.   The first Chopard Boutique opened its door back in 1983 in Hong Kon ...

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New Smartwatches Samsung

The Korean company Samsung has launched and added three new smartwatches to their range today. The watches named The Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit all are released today and are available now.  Samsung will be trying to strengthening its position within the market of smartwatches. Samsung's watches are only compatible with Samsung devices, and only a limited collection of those. With a lot of wearables to ...

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Bradley Timepiece – A Watch For Blind People

The world of watches continues to amaze, as Eone Timepieces released a watch for blind people. The watch is called "Bradley"  named after Brad Snyder, an American swimmer on the United States Paralympic team who competed at the 2012 Paralympics winning two Gold medals and one Silver. He lost eyesight from an IED explosion while serving the US Navy in Afghanistan.  The watch is powered by a Swiss quartz move ...

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Atomic Wristwatch Launches On Kickstarter

The first atomic wristwatch has been launched on Kickstarter. According to Bathys Hawaii the watch is accurate to 1 sec in 1000 years. The watch which is called the "The Cesium 133" weights 90 grams which is about average for a normal wristwatch. The revolutionary technology uses a chip-scale atomic clock which divedes a second in exactly 9,192,631,770 vibrations. "You don't get the chance every day to purc ...

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