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New Company: Rent a Luxury Watch Such As Patek Philippe

Looking wealthy has never been cheaper. Even if you can't afford a Lamborghini, proverbial mansion or yacht there are  many companies where you can rent such things for a fraction of the price. The new company Eleven James has launched the option of renting a luxury timepiece every couple of months for an annual fee. The brands available to rent include top names like Patek Philippe, Audemars, Rolex and Car ...

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Hamilton – The Movie Brand

The Hamilton Watch Company (1982) is a brand for automatic watches in the price segment 500 - 2000 $. Hamilton is perhaps best known for being visible with their watches in movies. The watches have appeared in Die Hard, Oceans Eleven, The Aviator, Men in Black, Independence Day and many more. They have put on a list on the Hamilton website with the movies in which their products were visible. MOVIE ACTOR WA ...

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Opinion – Top 5 Watches Baselworld 2014

Looking back at Baselworld 2014, we have decided to make a top 5 of what we think are the best looking watches. Patek Philippe always shines out and does so again. This great PP design (which is also available with dark blue dial) shows how to be very special without shouting it out loud. A great looking Maurice Lacroix watch. A beautiful dresswatch which is a perfect combination of classic & modern. Lo ...

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News of the Past: Hamilton was Asked to Develop a Watch for the Movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Hamilton was asked by producer Stanley Kubrick to develop a watch worn by astronauts of the future. Two design department staffers, Ed Speakes and Ken Derr, designed and built a wristwatch and a desk clock that were so realistic and eye-catching that they were photographed and publicized in both Vogue and Esquire magazines. First lets have a look at the concept watches which these designers worked on. There ...

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The Watches of Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi

At this very moment the match FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid is being played. Although Ronaldo is currently not playing because of an injury lets have a look at the watches of the two superstars. Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo is a big fan of watches and can be seen with many different types of watches.  His favourite brand is Jacob & Co for which he is ambassador.   Lionel Messi Leo Messi discovered Aude ...

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Opinion – Time For Smartwatches?

With millions of smartwatches forecast to ship this year some people believe these watches will be the next big thing.  Most of these watches are able to connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet and run loads of apps. For instance you can control music on your phone during fitness without the need of puling your phone out of your pocket. Although we are sure not all people require that from a watch as the ...

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