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LG’s G Watch Will Be Available In Champagne Gold

LG has decided to bring available their upcoming G Watch in a Champagne Gold version as well. The G Watch which will be released lateron this year was first introduced in Stealth Black.  The Champagne Gold version is equipped with a white rubber strap. The watch is water and dust resistant and has a screen which is always active. There are no further details known yet about the watch apart from rumours that ...

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Opinion – Time For Smartwatches?

With millions of smartwatches forecast to ship this year some people believe these watches will be the next big thing.  Most of these watches are able to connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet and run loads of apps. For instance you can control music on your phone during fitness without the need of puling your phone out of your pocket. Although we are sure not all people require that from a watch as the ...

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New Smartwatches Samsung

The Korean company Samsung has launched and added three new smartwatches to their range today. The watches named The Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit all are released today and are available now.  Samsung will be trying to strengthening its position within the market of smartwatches. Samsung's watches are only compatible with Samsung devices, and only a limited collection of those. With a lot of wearables to ...

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Atomic Wristwatch Launches On Kickstarter

The first atomic wristwatch has been launched on Kickstarter. According to Bathys Hawaii the watch is accurate to 1 sec in 1000 years. The watch which is called the "The Cesium 133" weights 90 grams which is about average for a normal wristwatch. The revolutionary technology uses a chip-scale atomic clock which divedes a second in exactly 9,192,631,770 vibrations. "You don't get the chance every day to purc ...

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